The following transcribed interviews and voice recordings are the original oral history sources that project participants collected in 2017. You are welcome to listen to all or just some of the recordings. The names of the interview partners have been changed according to their wishes, but their voices are real.

The resulting 12 stories that can be heard in the HIDDEN MEMORIES mobile app are based loosely on these historical sources. The stories have been distilled by preserving only the most vivid elements of the original interviews. They have been edited by a professional storyteller and made artistically appealing.

The resulting stories are a work of art more than an accurate history source. We do not claim scientific precision as historians or sociologists. Generalised images of the story protagonists are not an accident, but a deliberate decision of the authors. They should present ideas and values, more than the biographies of concrete interview partners.


Колишній призовник Внутрішніх військ (22 роки) пояснює, як він опинився на Майдані і що керувало ним під час атак на протестувальників.