Who we are

Hidden Memories is a cooperation between CRISP (Berlin), Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation “Iskra” (Mykolaiv) and xm:lab at HBKSaar (Saarbrücken). The project was funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.


CRISP develops projects and facilitates trainings dealing with conflict transformation and civic education. We contribute to peaceful conflict resolution with our work in post-war areas. That is why we support critical democratic forces, which initiate, support and encourage a peaceful conflict transformation in society. In this process, our guiding principle is to adjust our projects to local needs. Our activities are targeting mainly young civil society activists interested in experience-based learning. With the use of simulation games enriched by role-play elements CRISP aims for a self-organizing, holistic, and highly hands-on learning culture.

Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation “Iskra” was founded in 2008 in Mykolaiv. As the biggest Sending Organisation for EVS volunteers and youth exchange participants (Erasmus+ Programme) in Ukraine, Iskra promotes youth mobility and non-formal education, thus improving competences and employability of young people.
Iskra is active in the fields of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and historical-political education. It organises academic summer schools on conflict resolution, youth encounters bringing together youth from conflicting regions (i.e. Ukraine-Russia), and workshops on conflict management and political participation of young people.

The Saar Academy of Visual Arts (HBKsaar) was founded in 1989. As a state institution with some 400 students, it offers a wide selection of qualification courses that are up-to-date with the current artistic and creative demands. HBKsaar’s curriculum has been attracting students from many nations through its international orientation, its practice-oriented range of courses, and its integrative approach to both artistic-creative search and scientific research.
Experimental Media Lab (xm:lab) is a central body at HBKsaar responsible for experimental projects at the intersection of art, design, and technology. Through its past projects, xm:lab has gathered substantial experience in producing location-tracking/location-based apps aimed at discovery and artistic presentation of specific locations, i.e. a software at the base of the concept of a “walkable audio installation”.


Tonya Smyrnova

b,1989, Crimea/Kyiv, is an NGO activist, project manager at IT company, interested in art, reading, music, traveling and playing snooker.

Yulia Kos

b. 1994 is a student, volunteer, interested in history, in-formal education and intercultural communication.

Iryna Sokolova

b.1990, Donetsk\Sumy, project manager at NGO Bioethics, interested in ecological and sociological issues, hiking, cycling and healthy lifestyle

Yana Alimova

b. 1994, Mykolaiv, is a student historian, NGO activist and coordinator at the university's International Department, interested in politics, reading, intercultural connections.

Aliona Permyakova

b. 1993, Kyiv. MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy. Works at the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine. Interested in linguistics, history, international relations and civil society development.

Oksana Hirchak

b. 1994, Chervonograd/Lviv, received a Master's degree in History and Education. Interested in psychology, journalism, writing and teaching.

Yaryna Zakalska

b. 1992, Lviv. Ph.D. student (Folklore studies). Leading folklorist in the Centre of Folklore and Ethnography at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Interested in folklore, literature, oral history. NGO activist. Life motto: «Сourageous people always have happiness».

Yuliia Hushcha

b.1997, Kyiv, is a student philologist, exchange student at Pomeranian University, interested in history, foreign languages, intercultural connections, travelling.

Andriy Levchenko

b. 1984, Khmelnitsky. Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor at Khmelnytskyi national university, NGO activist, trainer. Interested in philosophy, history, politics and civil society development.

Iryna Bakhcheva

b. 1992, Dnipro, human rights defender, civic activist, project coordinator. Interested in conflict studies, modern history and languages

Danylo Herasymov

b. 1997, Dnipro/Kyiv, student in Political Science, project manager at a PR-agency, and assistant EVS-coordinator at Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation “Iskra”. Interested in politics, history, and International Relations.

Oksana Pidopryhora


Yaroslava Savosh


Bohdan Habliuk


Oleksandr Smagliuk


Yuliia Levytska


Our Project

Work with Ukrainian Participants

Work with Ukrainian Participants

Beginning in April 2017, the Hidden Memories project brought together a group of bright young Ukrainians from all over the country for a series of seminars to create something truly unique.

Research Phase

Research Phase

After being schooled in the basics of oral history interviewing techniques, project participants set out to talk to people from all over the political spectrum, asking them about their experiences, views and motives concerning the events of winter 2013/14.
The process itself was inspiring: Participants left their comfort zones to try and meet people they'd never come to talk to in their everyday lives, setting in motion new thoughts, inciting intense discussions and changing the way they looked at themselves and others.

Creative Process

Creative Process

From a body of over forty interviews, the group then distilled and composed twelve protagonists with gripping stories that capture a broad range of possible stances towards the events on Maidan.
These twelve stories were recorded with professional voice actors in four languages and expanded with an original music score.

Future plans: Designing evaluation modules

In 2018 we design didactic evaluation modules that will be offered by local partners. With the help of these modules, a structured and constructive dialogue can be facilitated among different user groups. Thereby we create possibilities for exchange among people with different mindsets and different canons of values. In this way, the project aims to contribute to a free-democratic-value-based society, as well as to increase the direct understanding among the different user-groups.
The target groups for the evaluation workshops are in particular, school-classes and students from Ukraine, as well as local NGOs from different regions of the country. However, special emphasis will be paid also to different political initiatives and media-representatives.
The personal, emotional and authentic stories of the app provide a promising basis to support a wider dialogue between different communities. As a part of the follow-up project, the evaluation modules will be developed and then offered by local partner organizations for school classes, student groups and others. Thus, the project contributes to overcoming the current prevailing gap within the Ukrainian population with regard to the Maidan events.

The App

The App

The product of all this is a pioneering work of storytelling through technology, and an exercise in empathy through change of perspective: A smartphone application that sends listeners walking on Maidan on a journey to the square's recent past, carried by the multiple voices of supporters and critics of the Maidan revolution from all walks of life.
In the course of the app-preparation, different perspectives have been analyzed, artistically prepared and converted into the app. The perspectives explain the motivation of the people to participate in the events on еру Maidan and represent different values.